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  • Down Payment Assistance Grants Available

    Source: El Paso County, Colorado • Single Family Mortgage Bond Program Be it your first or your last, buying a home is no small accomplishment. And when you’re a first timer, there’s so much…more

  • Interest Rate Hike in 2015?

                    The U.S. Federal Reserve chairwoman described the central bank’s positions in a speech Thursday. Source: Janet Yellen Expects Interest Rate Hike in 2015 It’s not that the…more

  • Is Qualifying for a Mortgage Getting Easier?

    There has been a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get a home mortgage in today’s lending environment. However, three recent reports have revealed that lending standards are beginning to ease….more

  • How to Automate Your Finances and Save Money, Explained in One Graphic

    Personal finance is simple, but it isn’t easy. Our greedy brains try to fight us every step of the way—which is why automating your finances is such a great way to save money. Ramit…more

  • Mortgage Bond

    Attention renters! Are you ready for a place of your own? And, I don’t just mean somewhere to live because, if you’re a renter  you already have that! I mean a home that you can…more

  • Start A LLC

    Doing business as an individual exposes one’s personal assets such as houses, cars, bank accounts to  unnecessary risk, including litigation. Either caught unaware of these risks or so penny wise they’re dollar foolish, many…more

  • The Keys to Real Estate

    Credit reset a headache for mortgage market – New York Post Yes, they’re still out there. Underwater homes like this one, worth less than what’s owed. And as presumably once advised, many once lured…more

  • Credit Restoration

    Imagine being able to walk into any credit granting business with the confidence of approval. Now realize that over 50% of Americans lack that confidence. The fact is that credit affects every aspect of…more

  • HUD Section 8 Housing Program

    HUD’s Section 8 Public Housing Program offers a true win-win solution to America’s housing needs. Capping rent charged to the highest of the following: – 30% of monthly adjusted income (annual income less deductions…more

  • Consider Non-Entity Structures for Joint Ventures – Forbes

    Consider Non-Entity Structures for Joint Ventures – Forbes. [enhancednotice id=”2″]

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