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100% Owner Occupied Financing and more!

via Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance

Used to be that anyone putting less than 20% down needed private mortgage insurance to protect lenders against borrower default.

Until now. We have partnered with a global lending institution committed to offering up to 100% financing, will contribute up to $4,500 toward closing costs and does not charge PMI!

Too good to be true? We promise, it's not. Contact me for details.

Modernized Family Home In High Demand Location

725 E 263rd St. Euclid OH 44132

via Modernized Family Home In High Demand Location - Euclid - OH - USA - Real Estate For Sale

Located in a market that grew by a staggering 15.9% last year, this updated Cape Cod bungalow has over 1,600 sq ft of total living space. Its large eat-in kitchen includes lots of cabinets and counter space and features a huge living room, two 1st floor bedrooms & full bath and a huge 3rd bedroom upstairs. Basement has a finished rec-room plus a 2nd full bath. 2 car garage, vinyl windows, upgraded electrics, water-proofed basement. Property management available for out of state investors. Additional details available with signed NCND.

This communication is from a Colorado licensed real estate broker and deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Marketing the property for a fee, we do not own the property or listing. Buyer due diligence advised.

View property flyer

Please contact Norberto at 719-453-8690 for additional details.

Weather Winterizing Moves You Should Be Making Right Now – Realty Times

Weather Winterizing Moves You Should Be Making Right Now

via Weather Winterizing Moves You Should Be Making Right Now - Realty Times

Probably not a good idea when occupied, but another strategy to use on one that is vacant is to open a faucet and shut off the main water supply to minimize the possibility of pipes bursting when frozen. Keeping its thermostat at a nippy 50° to save on utility costs, we found a mid-week cold weather forecast a bit dreadful and decided to do just that on our flip at 7006 Enbrook Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80922.

Located in the Stetson Hills neighborhood of Colorado Springs, we are offering it for sale at $344,900.


7006 Enbrook Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Shortly after, our handyman calls with good news. Working at the time of our initial walkthrough, the reason its high-end water feature wasn't running the day of closing was simply a pump plugged up with dirt, leaves, and ice. Now unable to test it because the water was off :), we're excited to activate, fill and run it in anticipation of the tranquil sound of water flowing through the property's elevated backyard as it recirculates and cascades into the pond.


One of the largest buyers along the Front Range, this is just one of many exciting projects the Atlas Real Estate Group professionals have crafted. Please contact us to join our family of satisfied clients at 719-424-4652.

Thanks for reading.

Housing in 2018: Where Are Home Values Headed?

via Housing in 2018: Where Are Home Values Headed?

Meeting about an assisted living facility we have under contract with a potential investor who has "8 million" currently earning a "guaranteed 5%", the inevitable subject of overvaluation came up, to which my response was, not quite.

Buoyed by many positive trends, such as the nation's first Olympic museum, projections of our being the nation's cyber security capital, expansion of direct flights to and from the Colorado Springs airport and more, there's also this:

Historically just a few years behind the Denver MSA, which may have plateaued as of this writing, it seems the Colorado Springs market has up to 5 years of upswing left.

Specializing in locating, analyzing, acquiring and management of quality rental assets, we are standing by and have significant experience helping investors build long-term wealth with real estate. Please contact us at 866-6REALTY or 303-242-2980 for the personalized attention you deserve.

Investment Analysis and Net Operating Income

via Understanding Net Operating Income in Commercial Real Estate

Investment Analysis

No one has a crystal ball. However, to "make your money when you buy", real estate investment analysis requires a careful look at variables, perhaps most important being projected gross income, at the time of purchase.

Net Operating Income

The amount left over after subtracting expenses from gross income, Net Operating Income (NOI) is crucial. Using a formula known as IRV with the income capitalization approach, NOI helps us to find value as follows:

Net operating income (I) ÷ capitalization rate (R) = value (V)

To find NOI, use income and expense statements for the subject and similar properties to first estimate the potential gross income, then subtract vacancy and collection loss. From this, estimate expenses and subtract them from the effective gross income.

Cap (Capitalization) Rate

Similar to a rate of return, the capitalization rate is the percentage investors hope to get from an investment. With as little information as recent sales data for comparable properties, the formula used to find Cap Rate is as follows:

Net operating income (I) ÷ Sales price (V) = Cap rate (R)

Local Expertise

Together with expert market knowledge, this analysis helps us make reasonable projections that help our clients make informed purchase decisions every time.

Reach out to us for a consultation, we look forward to serving you.

How to Say Goodbye to Renting and Hello to Home Ownership – Realty Times

How to Say Goodbye to Renting and Hello to Home Ownership

via How to Say Goodbye to Renting and Hello to Home Ownership

Specializing in helping clients build rental portfolio's, at Atlas Real Estate Group we like to change the heading to "...Hello to Building Long Term Wealth".

With a clear understanding the money is made when you buy, we use market knowledge to analyze pricing and project cash flow so that our valued clients make informed decisions going in.

From single family to large apartment buildings, our in-house experts have devised a formula to success over the last decade that works and look forward to serving you.

What Is Pre-Foreclosure and When Will Your House Be Repossessed?

Foreclosure Helpvia What Is Pre-Foreclosure and When Will Your House Be Repossessed?

Pre-foreclosure, Lis-pendens, default notice...these are not words any responsible homeowner wants to read or hear, no matter what. Suddenly faced with a loss of one's home and often largest asset, a pending foreclosure is not a situation anyone wants or even should handle alone.

When faced with such a crisis, it's important one engage the help of a qualified, Contract-Assistance.jpglicensed professional able to provide options that go beyond "we buy houses". Including a short sale, lease options and more, armed with enough information, a true professional will find there many ways to help a homeowner in distress delay if not avoid a foreclosure, if only they'd ask early in the process. Unfortunately, and though most who receive a pre-foreclosure notice will find a way out, too many that don't run out of time. No man is an island.

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