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A simple explanation of blockchain

via Behind the News: Blockchain explained | Colorado Springs Business Journal

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to visit with a young wholesaler hungry to enter the business of real estate investment. When asked how much cash he and his partner had, he responded with $80k in Bitcoin. I recommended cashing in that coin to ensure there would indeed be that much to work with when appropriate.

Today, he informs me the $80k became $30k. Given the spectacular returns being touted with Bitcoin, who knows how much if any of it is true but, there is something to be said about the speculative, highly fluctuating nature of the intangibility of digital currencies, incomparable to the equally tangible, somewhat predictable returns consistently seen in real estate.

This is not to say one should (or should not) invest in one or the other, per se but to stress the importance of diversification and careful analysis required with any investment strategy.

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