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Many people mistakenly believe that a real estate agent and a real estate broker are the same, but this is actually untrue. While both a real estate agent and a real estate broker must undergo scho…

Source: Real Estate 101: The Difference Between An Agent And Broker

Colorado Broker License Levels

The premise of this article being true, as in most facets of life there are exceptions. In Colorado, it is that all real estate licensees are brokers. Here are the distinctions:

Associate Broker

The first licensing level, all Colorado licensees get their start in the industry as an Associate Broker and is supervised at all times by an Employing Broker.

Employing Broker

With a minimum of two years of supervised licensed activity, the Associate Broker becomes eligible to get Employing Broker status, after which they can go Independent or manage the licensing activities of others as a Managing Broker, including fellow Employing Broker licensees who choose to do business as Associate Brokers.

To Be or Not to Be a REALTOR

All real estate licensees are not created equal. Those who choose to be a REALTOR agree to abide by a stricter set of rules and standards of practice than expected by their respective real estate commissions and whom belong to a local, state and National Association of REALTORS.

In addition, licensees can choose to not become a REALTOR and instead become a REALTIST member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers or can choose to operate completely independent of any governing body other than the state commission.

A trade name of Norberto Villanueva, the Axiom Realty Team at Fathom Realty is a REALTOR member in good standing of the Pikes Peak, Colorado and National Association of REALTORS, holds an Employing Broker level license and is a former REALTIST member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Contact us for all your real estate investment needs by using the contact form found in the lower right of this page.
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