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Time for 10% DP

Don’t worry—we’ll do the painful math for you so you know what splurges to kick to the curb in 2016.

Source: Resolve to Give Up These 8 Money Wasters for a Down Payment Before 2017 – Real Estate News and Advice –

Time To Save For A Down Payment?

Depending on where you are in the country, it can take over 10 years to save for a down payment. Here are some down payment savingsthings you can do to cut that time down considerably:

  1. $  876 savings – Skip the latte
  2. $  696 savings – Cut the gym membership
  3. $1,189 savings – Cancel cable TV
  4. $    100 savings – Drop a streaming service
  5. $    300 savings – Lower smart phone plan
  6. $1,714 savings – Pack a lunch
  7. $3,168 savings – Cut out drinking alchohol
  8. $1,354 savings – Cut the dry cleaning bill

$9,397 total savings!

Yes, with a lot of focus (and sacrifice), it’s possible to save close to $9,400 to use for the all important down payment for your home purchase. But, why?

Down Payment Assistance

down payment assistanceMany don’t realize there are assistance programs that can cover:

  1. Down payment
  2. Closing costs and prepaids
  3. Energy efficiency upgrades
  4. Disability adaptability upgrades
  5. And more!

And the truth is these programs are available in most areas, sometimes regardless of income!

As home buying advisors, we pride ourselves on our dedication to helping anyone who wants to own a home with that goal.

Contact us today for your personalized consultation!


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