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HUD Section 8 Housing Program


HUD’s Section 8 Public Housing Program offers a true win-win solution to America’s housing needs. Capping rent charged to the highest of the following:

– 30% of monthly adjusted income (annual income less deductions and allowances per dependent that – can be as high as $480
– 10% of monthly income
– welfare rent, if applicable
– No more than $50 minimum rent

Section 8 housing provides low income families the opportunity to live in quality housing while providing a strong incentive for property owners to own and maintain them.

HUD’s Public Housing Program/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Hone Your Property Investing Skills

Sharpen Skills

The Great Recession brought about a major downturn in the housing market. In this new economic reality, many investors backed off for a few years. Now, they’re slowly starting to come back as the market improves and their wide-eyed dreams of ditching the rat race for wealth and independence expand by the day. If you’re one of the many who have taken the plunge into the housing market or are considering doing so, keep in mind that it can be challenging. In particular, there are four key issues you’ll want to master in order to hone your property investing skills…read more

Assets Are To Be Protected

Asset Protection

As you build your real estate empire, it’s more important than ever to protect your assets. One of the most recommended ways of doing so is to use the shield of a corporation or LLC. when doing business. The strategic partnership we just scored will help you do exactly that. Get started today at

Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Great News! We have just added a FREE classifieds ads service to RealEstateSuper!! For a limited time, you can post real estate related products and services at no charge, complete with up to four photos! Now, you will have to make sure the photos fit the following parametercheck it out now!

Real Estate Investment Forms


A licensed real estate  and mortgage professional for many years, I can’t over emphasize the importance of CYA’g your real estate investment activities.

For a limited time, you can get these crucial forms for less than $40.00!

Using real estate forms not approved by regulatory agencies may violate law, especially if you are a licensed real estate professional. Please be sure to check with any such agencies before purchasing and/or utilizing such forms. Using these forms does not substitute legal advice. Please be sure to discuss such matters with qualified legal counsel.

Don’t do another deal without them! This is a time limited deal. Get yours today!

Economic Recovery Underway in 2013


Not only are investments in residential real estate expected to continue on its path to economic recovery in 2013, they just might add even more to it, as well as in other areas, such as investments in business, equipment and structures spending. Eager to maintain its upward movement, the Feds are expected to maintain the historically low interest rate environment we’re in.

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act Extended

house underwater2

Good news for homeowners and real estate professionals who serve them! The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007, which allows homeowners to avoid paying taxes on the difference between the amount of a short sale and the amount owed on the mortgage has been extended for a year, keeping distressed homeowners from falling off the dramatically named “fiscal cliff”.

While great news, it is only temporary and the term “short sale” is quite misleading. Any honest real estate professional will tell you, these things are far from short. So now is the time to act if you are experiencing a hardship.

The professionals at are knowledgable in what it takes to make a short sale successful and have partnered with a team of trusted partners which include attorneys who perform these exclusively.

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