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Business Credit Lines

Little known to many cash strapped investors is that there are unsecured business credit lines available which can be used just like cash, with marketing campaigns, aggressive expansion and flipping real estate being one of the most common uses.

Able to fit the needs of start-up businesses with up to $75,000 in unsecured business capital and for established businesses which are already profitable, up to $250,000 in full doc products, these business credit lines can and do make the difference between having business dreams and making them a reality.

These credit lines will not report to personal credit bureaus (unless you default), which means you may draw on the entire balance without affecting your personal credit!

Yes, the applicant will need to have good to excellent credit, but we accept co-signers, so if you have challenged credit but have someone with better credit who is willing to personally guarantee your business line of credit and you have a legitimate business entity with an employer identification number issues by the IRS, you’re in!

Ready to jump-start your business? Click below, complete the short application and be on your way to the funding you deserve!

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