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Transactional Funding2

What is transactional funding anyway? Transactional funding is a strategy used by real estate investors buying an investment property with a buyer in mind which they then resell it to for a profit within a short time frame. In other words, it is the quickest way to money in your pockets, unless your pockets are already full of it. No pun intended!

How may transactional funding help you anyway? Funny you should ask.

Say you are a wholesaler who found a great deal on a property for sale that you can tie up for a song. And better yet, you already have the investor lined up! Good stuff, except banks are a little testy about this and, as luck would have it, you just happen to be short a song or two. What to do, what to do!?

Transactional funding! It is a short-term loan used to allow you to buy that property from the bank using OPM and resell it to the investor for a profit! Voila!

Savvy investors use this dynamic tool to accomplish their financial goals all day every day. Will you?

Contact the professionals at RealEstate$ and get on the road to transactional funding today!

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