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Boost Your Investment Portfolio With 19% Cap Rate Turnkey Rentals

160229 Detroit Metro RentalsAs a buyer, what could be better than up to 19% cap rates with turnkey rentals? a 5 Year Guaranteed Income and Property Warranty!

Now is the time to take advantage of Detroit’s strong rental market with our fully rehabbed, value priced, high performing inventory now for sale. Visit for details or use the contact form on the bottom right to schedule your consultation.

A trade name of n2 Enterprises, LLC, is a provider of win-win-win real estate solutions offering expert analysis, acquisition, disposition and specialty finance consultation for retail, private and institutional buyers, sellers and investors. Contact Norberto Villanueva, Consultant for all your real estate investment needs by using the contact form found in the lower right of this page. We are the ART of Real Estate and look forward to serving you.
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