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Finder’s Fee – Realty Times

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We Love Paying Finder’s Fees

via Finder’s Fee – Realty Times

But, paying finders fees is against the rules, a RESPA violation! Right? See for yourself.

Is it?

At Axiom Real Estate Services, we teach soccer moms, college kids, retirees i.e., regular folks how to become Acquisition Managers who scout for homes that just need a little love to shine…tall grass, circulars in the driveway, boarded windows. It’s simple. They bring in details for the leads they find and those we provide as well. The more we know about the home, the seller, the circumstances, the better we are able to know, “does it pencil”? Is it a deal?!

If so, and depending on how much they take on, our managers go about their daily lives at this point or participate in structuring, making offers on and closing deals, which is where the real money is made. If this seems like a lot, it is but, it’s also simple once you know how. And once you do, we will pay you based on a sliding scale determined by how much work you did along the pay, paid at our purchase closing, usually 7 – 14 days from going under contract.

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